Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Milwaukee M12 heated Jacket "In The Field" ITF Review

Milwaukee M12 heated Jacket "In The Field" ITF Review

In this video I review the M12 Heated Jacket made by the Milwaukee company, known also for their quality tools.

Quite simply, this jacket utilizes a small but powerful lithium ion batter pack to keep the user warm in cold temperatures by controlling jacket warmth with an easy to use activation system. This is a no brainer.

Now, I never advise to rely on gear (especially gear that is electronically powered) to keep yourself safe/comfortable, skill should always be the most important thing you bring with you in to the woods. That said, this jacket still has great application for any outdoorsman. In a hunting application, being able to turn on a jacket to warm yourself up might give you the extra edge to stay on stand long enough to see that big buck walk by. In a bushcraft application, being light weight is always a positive, you can wear a lot slimmer profile of clothing and still get out when the temperatures are low (again while keeping in mind my statement on skill over gear). It even has applications on a social level (there are other colors and models besides camo).

All in all a well made, effective item. Around the price of a similar quality name brand jacket, along with the compatibility of the power packs between the jacket and Milwaukee tools, this item fills a nice nitch, and does it well.

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Ribz Front Pack ITF "In The Field" Review

Ribz Front Pack "In The Field" Review

In this review I take a look at the excellent Ribz Front Pack. Designed to consolidate essential gear in an easy access location for back packing, the Front back is a great item for anyone who frequents the outdoors. Not just for backing though, it also serves well for other uses such as fishing, hunting, and even has bush craft and survival applications. Anyone that has ever been on the move in the woods with a large backpacking pack in a bivouac scenario can appreciate not having to dismount the whole weight of the pack to retrieve a small item... and that's exactly what this front pack does for you. By keeping your essential items close at hand, you can avoid that hassle.

The pack itself is constructed of rip stop water resistant CorDura, which is a great material for this item. Its light weight, comfortable, and also works well whether you have it fully packed, or only place a few key items within it.

In this video I show the pack in use while out for a day hike, only utilizing the pack as a stand alone to show its independent capabilities, while I visit an old survival shelter and make a small fire in the single degree temperatures. The Ribz Front Pack is a great addition to any serious backpacker, bushcrafter, or outdoorsman.

See the Ribz Front Pack website for more information: