Welcome! Here is a little in depth information for those interested in my channel and/or blog.

HOW IT ALL STARTED... My Channel's Purpose

I created my YouTube Channel in August 2010. I had previously used YouTube as a reference for opinions on gear or guns I was considering buying, education on topics I was interested in, and also for occasional entertainment value of course. If you've been on YouTube before, you know there are a lot of good channels out there.... but for every good one there are 10x as many bad ones.You know the kind I mean: Low quality, tactical ninjas, mumbling, misinformation, etc. I have used reviews to help in my purchasing decisions, and I in an effort to help educate more, so that others can benefit as I have I wanted to provide my own experiences for others to consider, with the goal of succeeding where others have failed...
So I decided I would start my own channel. Keeping in mind the reasons I created the channel in the first place:

  • Create Quality Visual Reviews - Most videos available in at least 720 HD
  • Create Quality Material Reviews - Research topic beforehand, get stats/specs from multiple reliable sources
  • Be Thorough - Some people may be bored with a 20 minute video if its something they aren't interested in. Fine, but for those individuals that are interested, for example in a particular gun or gear item, every second of that review is information that will benefit them. While I try to make the videos as fact filled as possible, its hard to always have explosions, or bullets flying, when you are showing Ruger 10 22 Mods - Auto Bolt Release Assembly Installation for example. As I continue on, I learn more about what people want to see, and will structure future reviews to make them as interesting as possible... and if you have a suggestion, please share it!
  • Keep It Clean - I may swear like a sailor around my friends, but during my videos I try to keep it under control. Why? Because there are a lot of young people on YouTube, and also some people easily offended that may not "get it." The other reason is because saying "f*ck" every other sentence doesn't make you sound cool or more qualified.
  • Don't Be A Fan Boy - I may have brands that I like and that I talk about, but NONE of them are paying me to talk about them. So if you hear me talk about a particular brand, its because their products have my "Seal of Approval", not because that company writes checks with me listed as PAYEE.
  • Have Fun - This is meant to be helpful, but also to be fun!
  • Main Review Types - Gear/Gun Reviews, How To Videos, Camping/Hunting Trip Videos, Shooting Videos. (As time goes on this will likely expand)
As I continue on I will always keep these in mind. Striving to make more quality videos on the topics people are interested in.
If it were a perfect world I would share my name, phone number, address, and get a beer with everyone who wanted to sit down and talk about gear.... But it is not. There are crazies, weirdos, sick minded individuals and people that are just down right bad. It is for that reason I will keep a lot of personal details to myself.
What I will say, is that I've been camping, hunting and enjoying the outdoors since I was very young. I've got a lot of experience with firearms, through both formal and informal training. I usually shoot at least once a week. I live in PA, but many of my videos will appear in various North Eastern states.  If I don't feel qualified enough to do a review on an item, then I won't do it. Period.
Please know that I appreciate your support, and value your insight! If you've got a question, I would be happy to help as much as possible. I only ask you subscribe to my channel if you have an account. Also, if you have any input, I would be happy to have you comment on a video.

That being said, one thing I don't appreciate is TROLLS. If you are a troll, then SEEK LIFE ELSE WHERE! I can take constructive criticism, but if you post derogatory comments towards me, or any of my viewers/people that have commented, then you are GONE. As I have found it, most people on YouTube are either good, or they are bad. If you're the type of person that goes around and flames people's videos without cause, reason, or experience in the subject you're commenting on, then take a hike. Your lack of intelligence is usually clearly shown by your lack of spelling/grammar in posts, or by how stupid your username is, so it won't be hard for me to separate the good from the bad.


If you are unfamiliar with my channel, please check it out, and if you like it subscribe!  If you have a recommendation, please let me know!  I appreciate everyone's support and it keeps me motivated.  My page is small, but as I continue to build and expand, the page will grow.  If you know someone who may benefit from my page, please share it! Follow my blog, subscribe to me on YouTube, post a link on Facebook... whatever way you can help is greatly appreciated!