Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bivouac Gear Load-Out Series Pt 1/5: Introduction

Its been a long time coming but I am finally rolling out a comprehensive look at my gear load out for my extended trips in the outdoors. In Part One of my Bivouac Gear Load-Out Series I lay the ground work of how my system works. Definition of "Bivouac": a temporary encampment in an un-sheltered area. I chose this title because that word most closely defines the style of camping that I do, but labels IMO are kind of counter-intuitive as it relates to bush craft. Unfortunately, in the world of YouTube, videos must have titles. 

In the introduction I cover my operating assumptions and detail things to keep in mind as we move along through the series. The following parts of the series:

Part 2: Shelter and Sleeping Gear
Part 3A: Clothing (Cold Weather)
Part 4: Water Food and Cookware
Part 5: Tools and Equipment

Please watch the introduction in its entirety as it is the foundation for the future videos.

If you see a particular item(s) you want reviewed specifically please be sure to leave a comment about it. 

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