Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY How To Recondition An Old Knife

In this Do It Yourself video I walk you through a knife recondition.  I recently found a knife that belonged to my grandfather who sadly is no longer with us.  This knife is conservatively 40-50 years old, but I'm thinking it might be slightly older than that.  I think it was his personal knife while he was in the service.  Anyhow, as a tribute to him I decided to recondition the blade and bring it back to life.  It was rusted, dull, blemished and missing a handle.  I walk through the step by step process I used to recondition it.

Tools and Materials Used:
Loc Tite Rust Remover (Naval Jelly)
Blue and Rust Remover
Dremel Tool With Soft Cloth Head
Steel Wool
Brasso Metal Polish
Soft Metallic Bristle Brush
Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener
1.5' 550 Paracord

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