Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Gobbler Hunting Series

Hello and welcome to my new series. This year I am going to take you along step by step as I continue to learn about wild turkey hunting. I have some experience from previous seasons, but wanted to document going through the process from start to finish, starting from scratch.

The series will look something like this:
Introduction Video
Turkey Calls – Start Early, Practice a lot. We’ll go over the different types, and when to use each.
Pre-Scouting – Where to start and what to know.
Gear – Camo, Blinds, Decoys, Toys.
Scouting – Look Listen Plan
Firearm – What gun, which load, which choke.
Scouting – 2 Minute warning. Zeroing in on which location(s) to hunt.
The Set Up – How To Set Your Trap. Blind/Decoy/Location Tactics.

And last but not least,

The Hunt.

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