Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1st Spring Gobbler Ever 2013 - Turkey Hunting Series

Welcome back to my Spring Gobbler Hunting Series!

In this video I take you on a series of hunts as I successfully harvest my first spring gobbler in 2013. This is my first season actively hunting for turkey, and if you watch this series, I go through my progression learning how to hunt for turkey, learning about their calls and different gear associated with hunting them. For anyone who (like me) didn't grow up in a hunting family, its never too late to learn and its something that everyone can accomplish with a little hard work.

He wasn't any record setting turkey, but it was a fun hunt and exhilarating hunt, and its given me something to look forward to. I learned more in the two hours watching these birds than I could have learned in a month anywhere else.

***Update 11/2013... finally had time to update the tech issues with this vid and repost.

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