Monday, October 31, 2011

In this "In The Field" Review, or ITF, I review Blackhawk's Hydrastorm Strike Cyclone Pack in ACU.  The pack is a versatile medium sized, heavy duty pack. This pack would work best as a short term, in and out kind of bag. Its good for a few days in the field or woods (3 day assualt bag) or one day of heavy work requiring you to bring a lot of gear.  Just my perspective.  Not the size I would want for a end all be all "bail out bag" but its possible if you are a minimalist/very skilled and resourceful in the woods.

The pack has over 100 different MOLLE attachment points to incorporate outher pouches and miscellaneous gear, allowing you to store more, in addition to the already large capacity of 32 Liters the pack has in its inherit design. It also has quality conponents in sinch straps, padded shoulder straps, a heavy duty drag handle, waist belt, grommets for drainage, and a sternum strap.

The inclusion of a 100oz microban anti-microbial hydration bladder is a big plus for this pack. It inludes the drinking tube and tube sheath (color matching the color of the pack).  I would say the maximum loadout for optimal weight distribution is somewhere around 30-40lbs.  I have had this pack weighing in over 50lbs with gear contained within, in addition to my added pouched, and another few pounds loaded on the the modular webbing outside of the pack (fishing rod, sandals, empty gallon container, etc.). Because the pack is not tall, but rather deep, it makes it more difficult to carry those loads... That being said the quality of materials used are strong enough to stand up to the task!

This pack isn't designed to carry that much weight, so don't take that as a negative, take it as a positive that it didn't fail under that use. If you need a pack for a week long hike then you need an internal or external frame, something larger than this.


  1. That is an impressive looking pack. It was kind of like a clown car, you just kept pulling things out of it when I was sure it couldn't possibly hold anything else.

    I have a bit of an off-topic question though. You mentioned getting out and spending a few days out in the woods while hunting. Do you hunt private land or are you able to setup camp in state game land without running into other hunters? I have never hunted, however, I just completed the PA Hunters Safety Course in hopes of hitting the woods next season. As it stands, it looks like my only option at this point is state game land (I've been asking all around and I don't know anyone with enough private land that I can hunt on) and I'm concerned that it will wind up being over-crowded.

    Thanks for the video. That looks like a great pack.

  2. Thanks Walt. It is a great pack.

    As for your question, I do not camp and hunt in PA, as you said it can get pretty crowded during hunting season. When I referenced that, I was speaking about a place in WV's Monongahela Ntl Forest. Private land is nice to hunt because it is less pressured, but if you do your scouting throughout the year, you can definitely be successful on public land. Send me an email if you would like to discuss that in more detail.

    Stay safe...