Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MSR Pocket Rocket "In The Field" Review

This "In The Field" review (ITF for short) focuses on MSR' Pocket Rocket camp stove.

The pocket rocket is small, light weight, but powerful and fuel efficient making it appealing to just about everyone. Backpack campers, hikers, hunters, and anyone else who needs to cook something will find this to be an excellent piece of camp cooking equipment.

It is 4.1" x 2.1" x 2" and weighs 3.0 oz without a fuel canister. Great size and weight! Runs on isobutane-propane, MSR recommends only using their brand, but any will work. (gigapower, msr, primus, jetboil, optimus, etc.)

100 gram canister is said to burn on full power for 26 minutes. 100 gram fuel canister is said to be able to boil 6.8 Liters of water! (Source: MSR)

Compact but powerful and efficient
Fits every fuel canister I've ever tried
Quick boil time
Adjustable burn

No auto-ignition
No wind screen
(IMO these are unnecessary anyway)

To sum it up this is a great camp stove and comes in around $35-$40. For the power that you get with this can, it is well worth it.

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