Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GSI Pinnacle Dualist Cooking Kit "In The Field" Review

On this "In The Field" review, I take a look at GSI's Pinnacle Dualist cook kit. This kit is designed to be a two personal cooking and eating system. You can tell it is designed with the backpack camper or minimalist in mind. It is light weight, efficient, and takes maximum advantage of space by "nesting" - basically fitting as much in to as small of a space as possible.

The kit includes a 1.8 Liter pot with folding handle which doubles to hold the lid on when in storage mode, 2 20 fluid ounce drink bowls with sip tops, and 2 20 fluid ounce food bowls. The kit includes 2 sporks as well, but IMO these are a weak point of the kit (and about the only one). The bag the kit comes in even doubles as a wash sink for after the meal is done. Total kit weight is 20.7 oz. Dimensions: 5.9" x 6.4" x 5.9"
Price: ~$60

You can take the nesting even one step further as I have, an carry your stove and fuel source without increasing required pack volume. I carry my MSR Pocket Rocket and one fuel canister within the system. The two systems work extremely well together.

The Pinnacle series of cookware uses technology that is something special in itself. GSI uses special coatings within the metal used in the pot to dramatically improve radiance on the cooking surface, virtually eliminating hot spots and enhancing even dispersion of heat across the cooking area. This all boils down to faster boil times... pun intended!

Whether you are a casual camper, serious backpacker/hiker, minimalist, camp hunter, shtf survivalist or anything in between, this kit deserves a spot in your pack.

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