Thursday, September 22, 2011

Compound Bow Mods - $5 DIY Kodak Playsport Mount

In this video, we take a look at BownHunter's compound bow, the Martin "Cheetah", and build a mount to attach his Kodak Playsport.  To me, its counter-intuitive to have a camera mounted on the part of the bow that is supposed to absorb vibration from the release... so we created out own set up for under $5 using metal and synthetic washers, a bolt, and a nut.

Detailed description:
We used a bolt to thread through an "Insane Archery" mount, with 2 metal washers and 3 synthetic washers (with a diameter wide enough to span the space of the bow structure) placed to provide strength and ridigity (the metal washers) and absorb vibration (the synthetic).  Specifically, the synthetic were in contact with the bow, and the third synthetic was at the end up of the top of the bolt. We used a nut on the other side with a lock washer to secure everything in place. It is very easy to adjust or remove if necessary.

It is my goal to get at least one whitetail harvesting on film this year, and with as many hunting trips as are planned we shouldn't have a hard time exceeding that goal.

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