Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scouting For Whitetail and Bivouac Camping Sites

A link to my video on a trip in the woods with Jemma.

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In this video I go to some isolated land, just under approximately 4,000 acres in size in the north eastern USA. I've got three goals on this trip, in no particular order:

1) Scout for whitetail deer. This is a newer location and as such I do not have as much information on deer patterns, bedding, feeding and watering locations. I was here late last season once or twice, but only did a little scouting. While I may not get enough information in time to do any serious damage before the end of this season, there are a lot of tags left until very late in the season for this management unit, so it may pay off. If not, it certainly will pay off for next year after I've had time to put in some work.

2) Scount for bivouac camping sites. In particular, bivouac sites that allow for fishing, and obviously provide a water source. I have done my research with high resolution satellite imagery on my handheld GPS's program (Delorme PN-40 on TOPOUSA software) and have found a few isolated small lakes that may provide this, assuming there are natural occuring fish present. None of these lakes will be stocked because of their isolation, and relatively small size. Apart from the water source, it would be beneficial to locate an area of older woods, that will be populated with sufficient standing dead wood to sustain a fire easily without having to drag the limbs long distances.

3) Introduce a new member to the channel: Jemma the sheepdog! Jemma is my 1 year old border collie. I am taking her out to get her use to exploring with me off leash, listening to commands, and having a good time. Taking a dog out into the woods with you (as anyone that has done it can tell you) is a very rewarding activity. It builds a strong bond between you... and its a hell of a way to get the dog a serious workout!

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